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1. Ayurveda for Dental treatment?? Never heard of it!

Ayurveda has very well developed treatment protocols for prevention and treatment of oral diseases. From dental decay to cancer there is in depth discussion on diagnosis and treatment planning explained in Ayurveda texts. That is why integrating them with regular dental treatments make it more beneficial.

2. Online dental treatment?? How is that even possible?

Ayurveda doctors are medical doctors and do not always require to be present next to the patients. They do not perform any procedures in the mouth. So it is possible to take their treatments online by video consultations.

3. If Ayurveda doctor is not going to do any procedure in my mouth how will he treat my condition?

Shalakya doctors take detailed case history to find out root cause of the oral condition and prescribe diet and life style changes along with medications to treat chronic oral problems like mouth ulcers, sore mouth, burning mouth, dry mouth, bleeding gums etc. However not all oral conditions can be treated that way.

4. If oral conditions can be treated online what is the need of dental set up, and going to dentists anyway?

Not all dental problems can be treated with medicines only. Dental treatment procedures are required for many dental diseases like root canal treatments, braces for crooked teeth, teeth cleaning, dentures, caps and implants, not to forget removing teeth. We need dental set up and expert dental specialists to carry our all these procedures and for that we need to go to them.

5. What is this integration? Is that some kind of mix and match between Allopathy and Ayurveda medicines? How does it work?

It is called integrative dentistry. Integration of health sciences like Allopathy and Ayurveda is an attempt to provide solution for oral problems to the patient, by integrating right combination of Allopathy and Ayurveda treatment protocols and bring best of both health care systems together.

For example, if a patient has recurrent mouth ulcers, he can opt for complete Ayurveda treatment as Allopathy has limited options, but if he needs an antibiotic/pain killer/ mouthwash before dental procedures like removal of tooth, he can substitute it with Ayurveda medicines prescribed by Ayurveda doctor and get the tooth removed by Allopathy dentist.

6. If I have medical conditions like diabetes for which I am on Allopathy medications, is it possible to get Ayurveda treatment for my oral conditions?

Yes. It is possible. It is also possible to take Ayurveda medicines for diabetes and get dental treatment done by Allopathy dentist.

7. I have done all the tests to diagnose my oral ulcers and all are negative. The ulcers keep coming back. How is an Ayurveda doctor going to handle it?

There are many systemic disturbances like stress, hormonal disturbance, nutritional deficiencies etc. which can cause mouth ulcers. The Ayurveda doctor would find the root cause of frequent ulcers and prescribe protocols to correct those disturbances. These include dietary and life style changes, medications and panchkarma treatments.

8. If Ayurveda treatments are effective for oral conditions why are they not doing any research? Why don’t we read anywhere about it?

There is a lot of awareness about Ayurveda treatment for chronic health conditions, but for oral conditions there is no awareness. Shalakya is a branch of post-graduation in Ayurveda. These doctors handle dental, ENT and eye problems.

9. I am already caught up with controlling my diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney function etc. Who has time to run around for oral problems? Yes they are painful and annoying but they are just teeth and mouth, not heart and kidney right? It can wait.

In order to keep your heart, kidney and all other important organs healthy, you need to eat healthy food. Presence of untreated dental problems whichare painful and annoying can prevent you from eating properly, which in turn can affect functioning of all other organs of the body. So it is of utmost importance to keep the mouth healthy.

InteDent Healthcare provides an online platform for prevention of oral problems and thereby helps you to take care of all other very important organs of the body.

10. Whenever we take Ayurveda medicines the doctor stops most of the food I like. The treatment takes long time and the medicines taste very bad.

Ayurveda stresses on a person’s body constitution. The foods likely to interfere with treatment for a particular body constitution may have to be stopped or taken less frequently during the treatment. We know that many of the present day health conditions occur due to bad dietary and lifestyle habits. If we don’t correct those, no medicines can be effective.

Since the chronic oral problems develop and become deep rooted over a period of time, it requires longer duration to control it.
Yes, Ayurveda medicines taste bad, and injections hurt. It’s worth it, if it gives back our health.

11. What is the guarantee that the medicines Ayurveda doctor gives doesn’t have steroids or other harmful substances in it? They just mix some powders, make packets and give us. I can’t trust those.

Always insist on branded medicines manufactured by reputed Ayurveda pharmaceutical companies. They go through quality control and standardization processes like any other pharmaceutical companies.

12. They say Ayurveda medicines don’t have side effects. Is that true?

Side effects of Ayurveda medicines occur due to wrong diagnosis and treatment, not because of the ingredients of the medicines per se. However, like your dentist, your Ayurveda doctor will tell you known effects of medicines they prescribe and they are trained to handle the treatment of side effects of those medicines.

13. I once took Ayurveda medicines for my medical condition. It was effective. My relative was suffering from the same condition. I gave my medicines to her but she didn’t feel better. She said I got better due to placebo effect, not because of Ayurveda medicines. Is it true?

Ayurveda treats by personalized medicines. This mean that two people having similar oral conditions will get different treatment protocols depending upon their body constitution, cause, severity and many other criteria.

The same person during the course of treatment also may get different medicines during follow-up visits. It is better not to use the same prescription without consulting your doctor and never share the prescription as it is unlikely to work for other people.