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Bleeding Gums-An insignificant but annoying dental problem!

“I must have hurt my gums while brushing! I will be more careful.” you think one day when there is blood on your tooth brush.

After a few days it happens again and you change your brush to softer ones, careful to give less force while brushing but it doesn’t work. However you forget about it the moment you go about with your routine till next morning when it appears again!

You then try changing various tooth pastes in vain.

You are extremely busy to get dental consultation. There is no pain so you decide to wait for a few days. But those few days turn into few weeks and then months. Meanwhile the bleeding from gums increases. You think that it happens only when I brush, so you stop brushing and use only mouthwash. It doesn’t help.

Then you come to know that it can be due to vitamin deficiencies. So you start taking vitamin supplements, but it doesn’t stop.

At last after many adjustments in your busy life, you get a dental consultation. The dentist tells you to get the teeth cleaned. You are scared. Will it pain? Will it weaken my teeth? How much time it will take? How many sittings will it take? The dental clinic is quite far for you, but you trust only that dentist.

Since it is not painful, you postpone it again for few months. By now it bleeds every day and even when you are not brushing!! You eventually go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned and voila! The gum bleeding is stopped. It feels miraculous. The dentist tells you to come every 3-6 months and get the teeth cleaned to avoid this situation from getting worse. You decide to follow his instructions.

I am sure many of you would relate to this narrative. This story can culminate in three situations.

1. You follow dentists’ instructions and bleeding doesn’t come back
2. You do not follow dentists’ instructions and end up having same or little worse situation again
3. You follow dentists’ instructions but bleeding keeps coming back

As a gum specialist, I have seen many times that for some people, their gums do not bleed, even if they are not taking good care, and it bleeds for other people even when they take extra good care of their gums. They come under situation no. 3.

Situation no. 3 is very frustrating for both the patient and the dentist. Gum bleeding is caused by harmful germs that accumulate near your gums. Other reasons like hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, stress, uncontrolled diabetes etc. can aggravate the condition. If not treated at this initial stage it can lead to gum infection, pain, shaky teeth, bad smell, pus collection etc.

For all the patients who belong to situation no. 3, Ayurveda treatments can help. They are very easy to follow as part of your daily routine. Affordable, available and durable, Ayurveda medicines are proven very effective for bleeding gums.

Dr. Vaibhavi Joshipura

Periodontist (Gum Specialist) MDS, Periodontics/Periodontology, PhD. Periodontics/Periodontology