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Ayurveda for Dental treatment

In the past 22 years of my career as clinician, academic and research person I came across many oral health problems which do not respond to prescribed Allopathy treatments. Some may get aggravated by other medical conditions like Diabetes.

Those are recurrent mouth ulcers, burning mouth, gum bleeding, pyorrhea, dry mouth, to name a few. This led me to look for alternatives which I found in Ayurveda treatments prescribed by Ayurveda oral specialists called Shalakya doctors.

The results were amazing!!

I would like to share one such example with you all.

I had a patient two years back with red, swollen and bleeding gums, very bad smell from the mouth, shaky teeth and pain. All the dentists he consulted, told him to remove all the teeth and get a denture, but he wanted to save his teeth. He was referred to me and believe me I was shocked to see the condition of his teeth and gums! I was also of the same opinion as other dentists about removing all his teeth.

Instead of disappointing him one more time, I told him that I will try my best to save his teeth. He should get all the blood tests and x-rays done to assess the extent of damage while I put him on medicines for few days. He revealed that he prefers only Ayurveda treatments so he will not use mouthwashes, gels or antibiotics and painkillers I would prescribe. I had no other choice but to let him start the Ayurveda treatment, and come with all the test reports and x-rays on the next visit.

He came to me after 15 days and I couldn't believe my eyes!

All the red and swollen gums were looking pink and healthy and bad smell and pus from the mouth had vanished. Pain had also gone. He still had shaky teeth and gum infection, deeper in the tissues. I started with my treatment of gum cleaning and gum surgeries and removing some very bad teeth and all this while he was on Ayurveda medicines.

Long story short, its two years now and the patient still has those teeth in the mouth in disease free condition.

He is on Ayurveda maintenance treatment.

That day I got a new direction to help my patients and for the past one year I have been practicing integrative dentistry with a very important partner in dental care, Shalakya doctor. His dental consultations have proved very valuable for my dental practice.

By integrating Allopathy and Ayurveda, working as a team, I think we can have a lot of applications of integration in Dental care. I call it Integrative Dentistry!!

Dr. Vaibhavi Joshipura

Periodontist (Gum Specialist) MDS, Periodontics/Periodontology, PhD. Periodontics/Periodontology